Gardner Systems… We Understand Steam!

Steam systems, incorporating Gardner System's fundamental knowledge and know-how, have consistently produced large profit margins for paper machines. In view of the huge fixed costs of paper machines, profits depend heavily on the fraction of production in excess of high break-even production rates.
Typical steam systems hinder production, depleting that profitable fraction, and cause major damage to profits. Gardner steam systems have regularly enabled shipped tonnage increases of 10%, and sometimes much more, by increasing drying rates and cutting lost machine time. Let us have a look at your production efficiency.
A modern world-class paper machine consumes as much as 2,000 tonnes of steam daily, a drying energy load of 184 million Btu per hour. Gardner Systems unlocked the fundamental mechanics of the steam process three decades ago and has been drying paper without waste of steam at any condition of operation. On a modern machine steam consumption typically amounts to less than 1.20 kg per kg of water evaporated. In comparison to the very best consumption results reported elsewhere of 1.25 kg per kg, a Gardner steam system would consume about 80 tonnes less steam per day, worth in excess of USD300,000 annually in today's markets.
The Bottom Line

A Gardner Steam System will always achieve it's operating and economic objectives.